Support our Mission

Please support our mission to create & sustain the organizational foundation to ensure a lasting legacy for Nordic skiing in the Ironwood area for generations to come.

  • Donate to this non-profit 501(c)(3) Foundation for a new project/or trail (tax exempt)
  • Contribute to land acquisition (tax exempt)
  • Donate funds and/or materials to build the following in memory or honor of a loved one:
    • trail bench
    • trailside educational kiosk
    • a new trail
  • Work on a special Foundation committee to share your special skills

Contact us to discuss a donation (monetary or time) that best suits your situation and the Foundation needs

click link above for Paypal DONATE button for various amounts & plans

The Foundation is looking for volunteers to assist with several IT projects

Foundation donation on a secure PayPal transfer

The Foundation would appreciate your donation to support our Mission. The donation will be tax exempt (IRS 501(c)(3). Fed ID # 84-2267605


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