Project Connect

It is our vision to better CONNECT ABR Trails to the greater community

“ Sustain ABR Legacy as the Midwest’s Premier Nordic Ski Destination for Generations to Come; AND CONNECT ABR TRAILS TO THE LARGER COMMUNITY. “

Vision statement

Project Connect is the hub of a wheel to sustain forward momentum to implementing the Foundation’s vision “ …. And connect ABR Trails to the larger community”.

The outer sections of the wheel are now comprised of ABR Trails Inc., Norrie Park, Miners Memorial Heritage Park, Wolverine Trails, and Iron Belle Trail. The spokes of the wheel are those crucial ‘connectors’ between these fabulous trail systems.

The Anderson Bluffs & River Trail Foundation (a non profit 501(3)(c)) is excited to continue building toward its vision to connect all Gogebic Range communities via world-class Nordic ski trails. The foundation’s Project Connect will demonstrate just how close we are to realizing this regional vision.

Imagine skiing from ABR in Erwin Township all the way through Ironwood, Bessemer and onto Ramsay. Or take a quick turn over to Wolverine Ski Trails. Imagine this being a normal daily activity as you leave the car in your garage or motel parking lot, ski to shopping, work or school, or just go for a ski out your front door.

Form a relay team to participate in this fun, family event – scheduled for February 12, 2022. This is just a taste of the future of Nordic skiing on the Gogebic Range!

Many trail efforts are underway by the City of Ironwood to better connect trails from the Foundation’s Woodward Trail to Miners Memorial Heritage Park.

The Foundation is planning enhancements to the Woodward Trail that will be a positive attribute to the connection. This includes safety enhancements to the trail, improved signage, reflections benches, and educational trail kiosks.

The recent endorsement of the Norrie Park trail use lease ensures that this connector is in place 20 more years. When ABR Trails transitions to the Anderson Bluffs & River Trail Foundation this trail use lease transitions seamlessly.

It is the Anderson Bluffs & River Trails Foundation’s future goal to make skiing from Erwin to Ramsay a normal activity.

  • Donate your time, services or money to these projects
  • Adopt a trailside reflection Benches
  • Trail signs
  • Trailside educational kiosks
  • Trail safety enhancements on Woodward Trail
  • Trail connection enhancements
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