Engagement and collaboration with other community organizations

The Anderson Bluffs & River Trails Foundation is working to better integrate with other community organizations that support our vision. This includes better integration and education toward common organizational goals.

The Foundation seeks to support existing and new connection initiatives with community Nordic skiing organizations. Project Connect is working to enhance the 100 acre property between Norrie Park and Miners Memorial Heritage Park. Project Connect seeks to build on existing efforts and fill in gaps so in the future skiing from ABR to Ramsay is normal ( not a special event ).

Meanwhile we are providing links to these great Nordic ski organizations below:

The Anderson Bluffs & River Trail Foundation is perfectly aligned in its goals with the Gogebic Range Health Foundation (GRHF). They are focused on addressing community health issues through grantmaking, collaborations and partnerships.

It is the GRHF’s goal to improve community health and establish a culture that values health and wellbeing.

  • They impact community health by promoting healthy living through community grantmaking.
  • They collaborate and partner with local organizations and agencies to create a healthy and active community.
  • They engage in positive community partnerships by investing in community projects that have a positive influence on the health of the Gogebic Range community.

The Anderson Bluffs & River Trails Foundation believes in improving health and supports the GRHF goals through Nordic skiing and education. See the website of this other great foundation below:

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