About Us

What is the Foundation?

The Anderson Bluff & River Trail Foundation is a non-profit organization with a vision to:

  • Sustain the ABR legacy as the Midwest’s premier Nordic ski destination for generations to come; and Connect the ABR trails to the larger community.

Our mission to future generations and families starts with you:

“Create & sustain the organizational foundation to ensure a lasting legacy for Nordic skiing in the Ironwood area”

Foundation Mission


Non-profit Foundation:

The first board meeting was convened July 13, 2019, with nine directors. Eric Anderson opened the meeting with a challenge to the board to continue the skiing experience and let families enjoy all Ironwood, Michigan, has to offer for the next 100 years. The first parcel of 90 acres of land was donated to the Foundation from Eric & Angela. This tract of land parallels the Montreal River and is adjacent to Norrie Park, a city owned park, in Ironwood.

It is Eric and Angela’s plan to donate a significant portion of their land to the Foundation between now and 2030.

Transition from ABR to the Foundation : ABR will continue to operate as previously enjoyed. Skiers will enjoy a seamless transition in the future for their silent sports and start their skiing at the existing ABR warming cabin/trailhead. Angela and Eric still maintain ownership of ABR and operate the ski trails with daily activities as in the past.

  • In the future, you can explore the spectacular terrain around Anderson Bluff & River Trail Foundation with solitude of no motorized trails. Activities are offered on cross-country (classic or skating) skis or snowshoes. Whether you’re new to silent sports or new to winter entirely, it is a terrific way to enjoy winter adventure.  Explore the winter wonderland that surround you as you enjoy the Bluffs, Montreal River, wooded trails and meadows and the historic mining town of Ironwood as well as other pristine destinations.

Future Trail Connectivity

Goals for the future are to connect the ABR trail system to the larger trail community such as the Miners Memorial Heritage Park, the Iron Belle Trail and Wolverine Nordic Trails. The River frontage and the connectivity of these trails/parcels and parks will be a very valuable asset to the community and enhance future development of outdoor recreational activities.                      

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