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Fun Ski Relay – February 20, 2021

The Anderson Bluff & River Trail Foundation Inc. conducted a fun cross country ski relay on February 20, 2021, from ABR Ski Trails in Erwin Township and finished in Ramsey via the interconnecting local trails. This relay was divided into six segments and relay captains were organized into small ski teams to complete that portion of the trail (teams will comply with COVID safety protocols with no pre/ post race events). Captains are also Directors on the Foundation’s Board. The captains invited a small group of skiers to ski in their relay leg. The six relay legs are:

  1. Eric Anderson & Angela Santini – starting leg at ABR.
  2. Melissa Santini – to Sulu’s (Highill) warming cabin at ABR. 
  3. Chris Halverson – loop around Wolf Tracks trail at ABR.
  4. Will Andresen – to Jack Pine Trail to Norrie Park gate.
  5. Scott Erickson & Rich Scott– to Foundation land (Woodward Trail) to Miner’s Memorial Heritage Park Trail to Iron Belle Trail intersection with Easy Street.
  6. Melanie Fullman – Iron Belle Trail intersection with Country Club Road across US 2 to Wolverine Nordic Trails spur.
  7. Randy Ahnen – Iron Belle Trail from Easy Street to Ramsey finish line.  

The purpose of the demonstration fun ski relay is of course to have fun and demonstrate that cross country skiers can navigate local trails connecting them from Erwin Township all the way to Ramsey. The learning from this relay demonstration will inform Foundation future plans to better connect ABR to other beautiful ski trails. This event builds on the Foundation’s vision to:

“Sustain ABR Legacy as the Midwest’s Premier Nordic Ski destination for generations to come; and connect ABR Trails to the larger community”.

Check out one of the videos a Foundation relay skier sent us on the link below 

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